Friday, September 28, 2012

Better Day

Today I tried something new.  Ready?  I went outside!!!  And not just to get the mail.  I did get the mail, but then I sat out on the sidewalk and just soaked in the brilliant sun that's out today.  :)  It was nice, except for the bugs and two girls walking by.  These girls were walking -- it looked like they were walking home from school but it seems too early for that -- and they were talking and all of a sudden they looked at me and said "Amanda!"  Well, I know I could've been a little more eloquent but all that came out was "no".  Just "no".  Then the other girl said to the one who called me Amanda, "No?" and they kept walking while one of them said, "what just happened?"  It was kinda funny but I felt like I had been rude, unintentionally.  However, being out there still made this day a lot better than yesterday.  And tomorrow is the Relief Society broadcast so I'm excited for another good day!!!

This morning Steven woke me up, as per usual, for our morning prayer before he left for work.  Afterwards, he gave me an assignment to deliver the news to Larry that -- you won't believe this -- now the outside refrigerator may be broken!  He went out this morning and it was fine, then he went out a second time and the light wasn't working.

This is actually exactly what the outside fridge looks like.  Even the color.
I really didn't want to be the one to say anything, seeing as how it's always me and he doesn't ever believe me anyway, but I told Joyce and their daughter was here and she told him so YAY!  It didn't turn out to be so bad after all, though.  The light bulb burned out and someone had turned up the temperature -- probably one of the little girls.  So no big!

To end, one little tidbit for you:  According to Star Trek, fire from the future may produce purple smoke.  At least that's what I gather from when purple smoke began filling the Enterprise and Captain Kirk yelled "FIRE!"  So that's something to look forward to.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Boring Day

I've actually got nothing to write about today, but I don't want to get out of the habit of it so . . .

Today I'm watching Downton Abbey.  I freakin love this show . . . except that I want to punch that douchy Thomas in the face.  Oh man I wish they'd kill him off.  It's a time of war, for crying out loud!  And he wussed out.

Doesn't he just LOOK evil??
Anyway I hope your day is more eventful than mine.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Hair

Well I got my hair fixed.  It wasn't a marvelous experience, seeing as how I waited for an HOUR past my appointment time to be seen!!!!  But eventually I got in the chair and the man below took me on:

Let's go through this from head to toe.  Notice the yellow bandana, purple shirt, camo pants, pink camo lanyard, and tennis shoes.  Does this outfit go together in the traditional sense?  No.  Does it come close?  Not even.  Is this fashion forward?  Oh heaven I hope not.

So I was a little nervous, but watching him work that round brush I was hopeful.  I still don't know his name.  He told me twice but it's one I've never heard before and it's hard to pronounce and he didn't give me a card in the end . . . so we'll call him Bobo.

Bobo is a very fast foiler.  He just blew threw the whole thing -- cut and color -- in under 2 hours.  And I'm happy with it!  I could do with a few more lowlights on the top, but I'm happy.  Bobo also knows a lot of pretty rockin people in the Paul Mitchell family, even though he's not a Paul Mitchell man himself.  That was really interesting to hear him talk about.  Also, he's done a lot of travelling.  Interesting guy, that Bobo.

Me and my Jamba
TA-DAAAAA!!  I'm didn't realize how big my hair was in the back until I saw this picture.
And here it is!  Bedhead, in bed, and in my pajamas but here it is.  Bloooooonde.

Hope you're having a great day!  <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Funny Lady, Stubborn Man

Joyce cracks me up sometimes.  She just says some really funny and unexpected things!  Last night I was making dinner and she looks at me and says:

Joyce:  How do you stay so skinny?!  Were you born like that?

Me:  Mostly.  *laughing*

Joyce:  I was always a little fatty.  I was like "little" Emilee (their great-granddaughter).  And short with big boobs.  I wasn't sad when I lost them, is that weird?

(Joyce had her breasts removed due to cancer.)

Oh my goodness I just laughed and laughed.

And then, once again, there's Larry.

Dangit, Cassie!  Close that door!
The refrigerator is broken and guess who isn't going to get it fixed?  Larry.  Steven, Joyce, and I all know it's real -- that the fridge isn't keeping things cold enough at a steady 59 degrees -- and he's in denial!!!

Me:  Larry, you've got a problem with the fridge.

I know now not to say "I THINK you may have a problem with . . ." because that leaves room for doubt.

Larry:  Oh yeah?

Always with the "oh yeah".

Me:  Yeah it's not keeping things cold enough.  That's why the sour cream got moldy 3 weeks before the expiration date and other things are going bad.

Joyce tried to tell him this before and he didn't listen, so I had to at least try.  He got up and walked to the fridge, muttering that the fridge is fine.  He got to the door, opened it and . . .

Larry:  Well the door gets opened so dang much of course it's gonna be warmer!  But this feels fine.

Me:  No Larry.  The refrigerator is made to be opened.  It's not going to heat up that much just because we're using it.  Feel this stuff; it's room temperature!

Larry:  Well when it gets opened 500 times a day . . . !

Me:  It doesn't get opened 500 times a day.

I then, as he stood there staring with the door open, went out to the garage and got something out of the outside refrigerator.  I came inside, took something out of the broken fridge, and said:

Me:  Here, Larry.  Take these and feel the difference.

Larry:  *holding the bottles*  Well this one's almost empty!  (The one from the broken fridge.)

He then traded, but no better.  He put it back without saying anything.

Me:  Larry things are going bad too early.

Larry:  Well just cause things are going bad that don't mean it's the refrigerator's fault!

Me:  That's exactly what it means.  Larry everyone knows it's broken.

He eventually closed the door and went to grab a thermometer.  He left it in there and went back every once in a while to check it.  He kept blaming everyone else cause "the door keeps getting opened" so I said:

Me:  Ok Larry we aren't going to open it for the rest of the night!  We'll see where it's at in the morning.

Oh man Joyce came in and let him have it.

Joyce:  You're a stubborn old man, Larry!  You've got a gap between your ears cause that thing is broken!  Broken! Broken! Broken! Broken!

Oh boy.  That kinda made me laugh.  But seriously!  He kept checking the thermometer and it was in the 50's.  HE BLAMED THE THERMOMETER!!!

Larry:  I'm not so sure this thing is working right.

Fine.  Don't pay for someone to come fix it.  But you're still costing yourself and US money because the food is going bad and we have to buy things very regularly.   I moved our dairy products outside.  Isn't that fun, to have to go outside to get milk every morning?  Not a bother at all.

The thermometer said 59 degrees when we got up this morning -- a good 20 degrees above what it ought to be.  My guess is that Larry won't care or that he'll say "Well you guys were opening it up this morning!"  LARRY!  Opening the fridge to make one meal isn't going to raise the temperature to an unsafe degree!  I realize he hasn't actually said anything yet, but I think he will so

**UPDATE**  He's gonna get it fixed!!!  Halleluja.  We've got to wait til Thursday, but no big.  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ice Glass and the Crappy Stylist . . . 2 Tales

Yesterday Steven asked if I'd shared the story of the ice glass on my blog.  I thought, "I must have!"  Well then I read back and discovered I have not.  I briefly mentioned it here, but gave no explanation.  I'm here to do that for you today.

The bane of my existence
This is a glass that dearest Larry keeps on the counter at all times.  You'll notice it has a wide mouth, which is the most attractive feature and the reason for his obsession.

Every time he sees me putting ice into my glass - either the way the machine intended or by actually going into the ice maker because it's decided not to work that day - he says some variation of:

"You know, I've got this special glass here.  It's got a wide mouth and makes it real easy to get ice outta that machine cause it won't let the ice fall."

I'm 23 (almost 24) years old.  I know it's not 70, but I've had a lot of experience with refrigerators and ice makers.  I've used them for a looooong time.  But that doesn't matter to Larry because - say it with me - I'm an idiot.

EVERY time.  Every time I go to the kitchen to get water, I have to check if he's around cause if he hears that ice maker, Heaven help me.

"You know, I got this glass here 'specially for ice.  It's got a wide mouth."

"I know, Larry.  But I don't have a problem getting the ice out."

"Well it's right here and it makes it easier."

"Thanks, Larry, but I don't need it to be any easier.  If I did, I'd have a real problem."

He always brings it up like he's never told me about it before.  Like he has to reeducate me every time because my dim brain just won't catch on!

I'm having a rough couple of days.  I'm getting sicker, and I got my hair done on Saturday and I paid $95 for a crooked haircut and a color that looked exactly the same as when I came in . . . which is NOT what I asked for.  I just tried to call and talk to a manager, but he's busy so I have to wait.  I want it fixed.  It was the worst service of my life.  The girl didn't smile even once or even seem interested in talking to me until after the color when I watched her face as she recognized a problem.  Then all of a sudden she got chatty, followed by a "just so you know . . .".  She didn't tell me her name until I asked for it, she did a SUPER crappy consultation in which I'm not even sure she was listening because when I said "I want to go blonde with some lowlights", she proceeded to do a little bit of foiling - on my WET hair! - around the top of my head.  Not even close.  I told her I was unhappy and she said I would have to pay an additional $150 to get what I wanted.  I know what I want isn't cheap, but on top of the previously paid $95 when she does shotty work?  She's out of her freaking mind.

Thanks for letting me rant . . . if you made it through this whole thing.  <3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Isn't it worth it?

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip . . . Isn't that annoying?
Let's talk about plumbing.  Trouble first arose when I noticed that the shower doesn't drain quickly, so you have to stand in 3 inches of water while showering.  That's not really a big deal in general, but it's kinda gross because I sit down in the shower when I shave my legs and my yucky leg hairs are getting all over me.  Are you picturing that?
So that was problem #1.

Problem #2 was when the shower started making this high pitched screeching noise whenever the shower is turned on all the way.  So you either have to have weak pressure, or deal with the pipes screaming for mercy.  This is a big deal.  I go crazy when I'm in there and I want to demolish that old piece of crap!

Problem #3:  The kitchen sink.  I briefly addressed this yesterday.  The faucet drips and wastes a TON of water.  It's hard to imagine how much water a tiny drip uses up, but did you know if your faucet leaks it can use more than 10,000 gallons of water per year?  Fact.

And then problem #4, which is that the second sink in the bathroom is not usable because it doesn't drain at all.  At least that's what we've been told.  It's been like that since we moved in.

You might be wondering why nobody has called a plumber, and the answer is:


In response to my bringing problem #1 to his attention, he grabbed a gallon of vinegar and some baking soda.  We've seen this suggested on Pinterest and I'm here to tell you - "It doesn't work."  Maybe sometimes, if you're lucky.  But in this case, in my opinion, it made it worse.

In response to problem #2:

Me:  Larry I think you need to call a plumber.  The tub still isn't draining and now there's a high pitched sound coming from the pipes.

Larry:  Oh yeah?  Ok.  I'll see what I can do about that.


In response to problem #3:

Me:  Larry the kitchen sink is dripping and it's using a lot of water.  It's filled big mixing bowls with water just today.

Larry:  Oh yeah?

He walks on over to the sink and jiggles the handle.

Larry:  You've just gotta make sure it's pushed down all the way.

Thanks Larry.  I'm so glad I have you to teach me the simple things.  I'm an idiot, as you know.

Sure, jiggling it stop the dripping for about a minute, but I don't have the time . . . well, I guess I do . . . or the desire to stand around jiggling the handle at every 60 second interval!

And for problem #4, well, Joyce tried to get him to call a plumber about that and he just won't do it.  But with all these problems stacking up, my question once again is:

Isn't it worth it?!

Friday, September 21, 2012

One of Them . . . And Then Not

I had a nice conversation with Larry and Joyce, this morning, about our ailments.  Oh boy.  I'm one of them!!!  I have headaches and backaches and my joints hurt . . . I'm falling apart just like them.  I can't decide if I'm more embarrassed or excited because I have something in common with them.  Please like me!

But then later . . . I believe Larry truly thinks of me as a helpless idiot.  Here is a list of things I'm too stupid to know/do:

  • Do not give out (nor make copies of, and disperse) my house key
  • If you use a wider mouthed glass, it might be easier to get ice out of the ice maker
  • The blender can be disassembled . . . Wait, what?!
  • Food goes bad
  • The faucet drips?  "You just have to make sure you push down the handle all the way." (I'll probably address the topic of plumbing tomorrow.)
  • Avoid setting fires
I'm sure there are more, but my brain capacity is limited, seeing as how I'm an imbecile.  I really wasn't aware of how little I know!  I mean, did YOU know that food goes bad??  And to think that it's not desirable to set your home ablaze . . . my mind has been opened to so much.

I really hope you're all smarter than me.  This is crazy.
I loaded the dishwasher last night.  Included inside was the washable part of the blender (yes, I disassembled it all on my own.  I'm actually not an idiot), 2 glass cutting boards, and a rubber spatula.  It all fit just fine, btw.  I put the bottom part of the blender on the shelf as Larry walked into the kitchen and here is our "conversation":

Larry:  Oh there's a top part to that, ya know?

You're kidding.

Me:  Yeah I put it in the dishwasher.  It needed a good clean.

Larry:  (As he turns to walk away)  Oh ok I'll have to wash that out later.  It comes apart to clean easier.

Me:  I know. Because I'm a human.  I took it apart.  It just needs to be cleaned.

Larry:  Oh ok.

He left briefly, only to return to casually open the dishwasher and check my work.

Larry:  Oh I don't know about those boards.  I don't think they fit right.

Me:  They fit.

He then pushes it in and spins the spinny part of the dishwasher to test it.  They fit.

Larry:  Well it just barely misses it.

But it fits.  And he leaves.  VICTORY!  Right?  Wrong.  Because this morning I got up and when I went to the kitchen and opened the dishwasher . . . EVERY SINGLE THING I HAD PUT IN THERE WAS TAKEN OUT!  The dishwasher had not been run because there were still things that had been in there from yesterday.  He had taken everything out . . . including the rubber spatula! . . . and washed them and put them away.  Fine.  He decided to hand wash.  But the problem is, he doesn't hand WASH, he hand RINSES.  No soap!  So I feel the need to wash things before I use them.  That sucks, my friends.  It's a bother.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's me:  Sicky.  Not too bad, but enough that I skipped Black Ops last night.  I'm looking forward to the crap I'm sure to receive from the 24 Hour staff.  :(  Other than that, being sick doesn't really seem to affect me much as far as routine goes.  As you know, I spend my days busier than a bee and I can't afford to slack.  Netflix isn't going to watch itself and if I lose this indent in my mattress, well . . . I'd have to start all over.

Also, today we finally got our Regal rewards card and I am SO excited!  Unfortunately I still haven't received those clothes I ordered.  :(  It's being shipped from China or Korea or something soooo . . .

HOORAAAAAY!  Sicky sicky.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bus Stop

I have this habit of locking the car door whenever we're waiting at a red light.  I'm paranoid in that way.  There are some sketchy people around here and it puts me off!  Well, on the way home from the gym last night we drove about 15 minutes before I even thought about it.  We got into Marysville, arrived at my least favorite light, turned right, and slowly drove past the bus stop.  It is NOT an attractive corner.  It's always the scariest people standing/sitting/sleeping there!  Well of course I locked the door.  What if they all had a plan to storm our vehicle and steal our possessions???  You can't be too careful.  I locked the door and Steven said,

"Nothing reminds you to lock the doors like driving by the bus stop."

That is so true.

Hey wanna be my bus buddy?
Truthfully I've never seen anyone this bad . . . But it's close enough.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I watch Ellen every day at 3 with Joyce.  I've felt that I might be intruding on her, but I do it anyway.  Well guess what?  I lost track of time and Joyce came, knocked on my door, and said

"Cassie!  Ellen is on!"

"Oh!  Thank you!  I was waiting for it and lost track of time!"

I walked into the living room and sat down and she said:

"This is our time."

What?  Really??  Joyce . . . Are we almost FRIENDS???

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me.  I knew this day would come, friends, and it has finally arrived.  I'm so happy.  I just wish I had a picture to put with this.  But I don't.  Because then I would have to tell Joyce about my blog . . . and that's not going to happen.

3 Titles

I just have so much I could write about!  So I've settled on 3 short stories.  The first we'll call:


Larry keeps a jar of garbage under the kitchen sink.  He also keeps a big garden in the back so I understand the "need", I suppose.  Well, he came into the living room a couple days ago (I've been holding onto this story and have to get it out) and said

"Joyce!  Where's ma dang compost?"

"Well it oughta be under the sink."

"I know where it oughta be but it's not there!"

"Oh I wonder if Christie moved it."

(Christie is their daughter who comes and cleans for them every week.)

"She ain't got no business touching that jar!  Nobody's got no business touching it!"

You'd think it was made of gold.

This is really weird because usually there are food scraps, but instead there's a paper towel.   ???
Eventually he found it on the back stoop, so all was well again.

Fancy Shmancy

I was watching TV with Joyce, yesterday, and a commercial for a "special" kind of toothbrush came on.  Well I just tune out the things I don't care about, but I guess Joyce was paying attention cause I heard her say, somewhat to herself,

"What next?!"

I was awakened from my commercial coma and said "huh?"

"Just something to get more bacteria in!  No thank you."

I realize now that we're talking about the toothbrush.  It is just a toothbrush, isn't it?  It's not even electric.  Oh geez.  What would she say if she saw MY bacteria-catching wand of doom???

I know you're diggin that blue tile as much as I am.
Captain Kirk, You Beautiful Beast

Yes I said Captain Kirk.  This isn't a story so much as a confession.  The confession is:


And as soon as I finish this episode of The Voice, I will be diving back into that magnificent series.

Mmmm Hm.  Hey baby.
Have a wonderful day!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy Days . . . Every Day

I woke up at 9 this morning.  That's a record for me seeing as how I usually don't get out of bed til between 10/11.  Judge all you want.  But I had a long nap yesterday and went to bed fairly early so I felt refreshed and decided to get my internet-ing on for the day.

I walked through the living room at approximately 11:04AM (not the first time of the day) and Joyce was sitting there.  She asked if I was okay, as she always does when she doesn't see me until late in the morning/afternoon.  Basically, if I'm not up at the crack of dawn and fully dressed I must be sick or downtrodden.  I assured her I was fine and that I just came out to get an early lunch.  She says,

Joyce:  I couldn't believe it.  I slept until 8:30 today!

Me:  Oh yeah?

Joyce:  I got such a late start, I lost half my morning!

Well of course I'm now not going to share how proud of myself I was for waking up a half hour later than her, so I just nodded my head and waited for an opportune moment to leave.  I finally saw the opportunity and speed walked the heck out of there.

Wanna see where I spend my day?

Gotta love Paint!
You've been given a true glimpse, now, into the "Life of a Scalzi".  THIS Scalzi.  And I'll admit it isn't pretty.  But good news!  Exactly 2 months from today we will be leaving this place and I can have a life again!!!  HOORAAAAY!  That's all for today.  :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Meet Dougy

Loved ones, I would like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine.

This is Dougy.

He wears one of my hair ties around his neck so that he can help me out when I need it.
Dougy was given to me by Joyce a little more than a month ago.  He's my best buddy here in Washington.  No no!  It's not pathetic.  It's nice.  He doesn't judge me for laying in bed all day, he doesn't complain when I wanna watch Doctor Who AGAIN, he doesn't try to "share" my food, and he's always here but never in the way!  (Steven would disagree with that last part.)  Speaking of Steven, he doesn't like Dougy.  He often threatens to hurt him or hide him or tear his head off . . .  you know.  Boy stuff.  But I love him.  Oh he's a llama!  In case you couldn't tell.

Friday, September 14, 2012


I didn't post yesterday.  Not because nothing of interest occurred, but because I was lazy and in pain.  My whole body ached.  It still does, but not to the same extent, which is weird cause I worked out hard last night, as well as Wednesday!  Black Ops is killer!!!  It sticks with you throughout the week and I'm already dreading Wednesday.  But I have pictures!  Courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness, Everett, Washington:

I'm the one in white.  You're supposed to wear black, but this was my first day and I hadn't planned to attend.  (Thank you, Brian.)

Team Red!  HOOAH!  We were the team to beat.  Blue beat us this week.  :(

This is from this week.  Steven and I are in the back, right in the middle.  He has the shirt with the red square and I am to the left.  Your left, not his.  I should've drawn an arrow.
Yesterday was my last day with Heather.  :(  Personal training has been awesome because it's nice to have someone following me around the gym telling me what I'm doing wrong but also giving me encouragement.   I hope to do it again at some point, but at $130 for 3 sessions, I think it would be wise for me to hold off.  Wanna see Heather?

Isn't she lovely?  And so nice! :)
This 24 Hour seriously has the best staff in the world.  I swear that every single employee knows my name and always asks me how I'm doing and gives me words of encouragement . . . except during Black Ops when they yell at me cause I'm slow and weak . . . but other than that!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's time to share my (reoccurring) Wednesday trauma.  It's called G.H.O.S.T Black Ops.  I don't know what the G.H.O.S.T stands for, but I'm assuming it's some secret code for "let's see how fast we can make these weaklings bleed through their eyeballs!"  Every Wednesday at 7pm I take part in this event.  Steven joined me tonight but I don't think he'll be doing it again.  He doesn't think it's worth it.  He's probably right . . . Today I came home with some respiratory thing???  When I laugh I sound like a smoker . . . but since I'm afraid of being called a quitter by these people that I'll still have to see every day, I'm gonna keep holdin' in there.  Steven doesn't give a crap.  Lol.

I'm on a team (Red Team!  WOOT!)  There are 4 stations that you race through, performing terrible tasks like carrying tires back and forth, dragging tires that are attached to you by a chain (last week my awesome team BROKE THE CHAIN!), pushing Jeeps, and more.  I'm the only girl on my team, which is an advantage compared to the others.  I'm also the biggest whiner and hinderance.  Luckily, it's all about team building so the guys can help me pick up the slack.  Poor fellas.  There's a lot of slack.  Last week our team KILLED it!  We won every challenge and one of our guys was awarded Warrior of the Week.  This week the blue team won, but still one of our guys was Warrior of the Week.  He totally deserved it, too!  Huge team player, does everything fast and with no fuss, and helps everyone.

So when I come home I feel worse than death.  My arms hurt, my legs hurt, my abs hurt, my HANDS hurt!  We freaking have to hold a push up position forEVER and this whole thing takes place in a parking lot.  OOOOWWWWW!!!!  But you know, I'm super tough so . . . ain't no thang.

This is misery, folks.  Pain and suffering and a really kool water bottle.

On another note, Steven has to start a blog for his Family History class (domain: and he's dreading it.  He is typing his first post at this very moment.  I told him he'll love it cause blogging is addictive . . . he says blogging is gayer than AIDS.  Insensitive and offensive.  But he'll get over that.  :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On This Day

On this day 11 years ago I was getting ready for school and Mom called us into the bedroom to see what was on the news. I never cared about the news before cause . . . I was 12. But then I knew this was important and immediately had a prayer in my heart for those in danger. I love this country and it's people. I'm grateful for my freedoms and those who fight and have fought to defend them.

I will always remember.

On a completely unrelated topic, I decided I wanted to eat Oreos.  I've eaten almost an entire package in this last week and the Tinsley's have taken notice.  I walked through the living room where they are sitting with the package and a glass of milk.  As I reach my bedroom door, I hear Larry say, "yeah and she's still skinny!"  Followed by Joyce's reply, "she won't be for long."  WTF?  That hurt.

Silly Steven

Steven isn't one to say "she's pretty" or, even jokingly, "what a hotty!" about anyone but me. That's nice and all, but come on! He has admitted that Olivia Wilde is his new Hollywood girlfriend (since Hilary Duff, his old Hollywood girlfriend, is so yesterday . . . see what I did there?). I don't blame him. Olivia is a goddess and I won't deny I wouldn't mind seeing her naked. But he'll never say that someone on TV is hot . . . I do it all the time! Not ALL the time, but definitely more that him.

So yesterday I showed Steven the dress I got. I asked if he likes it and of course he said he does. The rest of the conversation went as follows:

Me:  What styles do you like? Do you have a favorite style?

Steven:  Nope.

Me:  Well what do you like to see girls in?

Steven:  Underwear.

WHAT!!! He never says stuff like that! OMGosh I laughed so hard. It was just so unexpected and it made my day. So that's what happened last night.

Delicious.  And Steven, it's all for you.
I'm watching CNN. There are people talking about how President Obama does not deserve to win the election based on the state of the nation. I'm so happy.  :)  Especially since my dear democratic, Obama-supporting friends are sitting here with me and able to hear it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Name is Cassie...

. . . and I'm addicted to online shopping.  It's just so fulfilling!  Yeah that's right.  I can be fulfilled by material things coming into my possession when all I had to do was sit on the couch in my pajamas.  Life is good.

Oh hey I'm watching TV right now and superstar Julia Roberts is in a perfume commercial!  She's beautiful.

So I want to let you in on a little shopping treasure I just discovered, thanks to Pinterest.  OMGosh.  It's awesome!  The only thing that sucks is that shipping isn't exactly cheap, but the prices of the clothes more than make up for it!  Wanna see what I just bought?

Super cute cardigan in a stunning blue.  AH!

I got the cardi in 2 colors.  I couldn't help it!  I'm a big fan . . .  And I'll be getting more.

I love this dress!  I'm so excited to put it on for the first time.  It's got such a romantic feel and it's exactly the kind of thing I see myself in on a regular basis.
I spent a grand total (including shipping) of $42 . 35

WORTH IT!  And every once in a while they put out coupons for awesome deals.  So there you go.  :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sabbath Stress

Well today was a busy day in church.  For 2 weeks I have been preparing a talk, for 1 1/2 weeks I have been practicing piano to play in sacrament meeting, and for as long as I've been in Washington I've been trying to figure out how to get the kids in my primary class to SHUT IT.

Today I completed all my tasks.  I gave a talk that rivaled that of a general authority (is that an appropriate joke?) and I played a "game" (called bribery) with the kids to keep them under control.  As for the piano . . . while I practiced a lot of hours, the final show was nothing to brag about.  I had to drop down to one hand, pretty much at the very beginning because I was so nervous and slooooow.  Before church had officially started, Brother Twitchel, from the bishopric, went up to the microphone, looked out into the chatty congregation, and said "I don't hear the music."  I was apparently supposed to play prelude music as well.  Excuse me, Brother Twitchel, but isn't 3 songs a week enough?  I'm only so "talented".  But he was just giving me a hard time.  :)  I really like him a lot.  So I played one handed with plenty of mistakes and at the end was greeted periodically by many members of the congregation to tell me "what a good job" I had done today . . . However, no one mentioned the music specifically.  If I were them, I would have made the same general comment and thought in my head ". . . with your talk, that is.  I just won't mention the piano debacle."  But that's just me and my paranoid self.  The ward is so desperate for piano players they would take ANYONE.  So this wasn't my last performance.

About my class:  I teach the 4/5 year olds . . . Not so much teach, as babysit.  My "co-teacher" doesn't want me to actually give any lessons, but rather be the one to maintain the noise level and control and the little mONstErS.  I was annoyed by that at first, but now I've come to terms with the fact that I'm the mean one.  I'm not a raving lunatic when they act up, but I'm stricter than she obviously has ever been.  I feel bad cause one of the kids' mother is a primary teacher also, and he's the one who acts up the most . . .  I mean SUPER ADHD . . . and I feel like she's watching me thinking "quit picking on my kid!"  But it's not my fault he's so disruptive and crazy!!!  I love that little boy.  He's so cute!  But seriously . . . I will sit on you.

Also, yesterday we went to the mall and I got a big bag of candy.  :-D

There used to be a lot more.  :(

Friday, September 7, 2012


I swear I didn't start this blog just to rant about my life-with-the-elderly.  So after this one, I'll break it up....

I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and Googling random things.  Larry comes in and begins the following conversation (I always provide a script) . . .

Larry:  *stepping in front of the TV*  Oh hey I was gonna ask you a question.

Me:  Ok.

Larry:  There's, uh, some sausage in there.  Did we buy that or did you?

Me:  It must have been you.  We don't usually buy sausage.

Larry:  Well it's some polish sausage I think.

Me:  Yeah we didn't buy that.

Larry:  Yeah.  Ok.  I should show you cause I don't remember for sure.

Me: *to myself* $*&^%&^%%^$&^&(*&*#*($$%##$@%#*****&&^%^% LARRY!!!!!!!!  We didn't buy sausage!!  It's yours!!!!  Why are you like this???

Larry:  *returning from the kitchen*  See here.  It's that, uh, polish sausage.  (Sometimes it seems he has a difficult time pronouncing foods.  Introducing him to jicama [HIK'-uh-muh] was a real treat.)

Me:  Oh they're like hot dogs.  No we didn't buy that.

Larry:  *walking back into the kitchen*  OH-kay.  Yeah it's some polish sausage.

Yes the package said polish sausage, but they're not fooling anybody.  They're hot dogs.

And then I made the mistake of saying, "Larry, even if we DID buy it, you're welcome to what we buy."  (They certainly share with us and we are very grateful.)

Larry:  Yeah I don't remember if I bought those.  Maybe I did...

Me:  You did.

Larry:  . . . I just don't remember.  I must've bought 'em.

You DID.

On a completely different note, I'll have to update everyone on the new adventure I have embarked upon.  Black Ops.  I feel like I was knocked to the ground by a speedy skater and then run over by a small car.  But more on that later.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Larry and the Lunchbox

I normally won't do 2 posts in a day, but this is a must.  We got home from the gym and took a shower.  Afterwards, I went to the kitchen to get myself a little snacky snack . . . A bit of that delicious pudding I mentioned earlier.  Well, in comes Larry from his office.  Whenever I go into the kitchen at night, he always emerges to make sure nobody has broken in and is rummaging through his stuff.  Here's the conversation:

Larry:  Hey, uh, we gotta make a change.

Me:  *bracing myself for weirdness*  Ok.

He begins walking toward the fridge as I'm reaching for the door.

Larry:  It's that bag. *points at Steven's lunchbox*

Me:  Ok?  *SO confused*

Larry:  It's unsanitary to have that in here.  I had to take it out of the door and put it on the shelf for now, but I cleared a space in the refrigerator in the garage.

Me:  *in my head*  Oh you DID???  Thank you so much!!  Steven will LOVE that.  I can't wait to tell him that his lunchbox (in which I put his FOOD) is far too filthy to be stored with the "good" food that  it must be annexed.

Me:  Okay.

Larry:  Yeah that thing gets handled and tossed in the car . . . maybe it's just me but that's not sanitary.

It is just you, Larry.  You're a lunatic.  A lunatic.

He's just a crazy old cowboy.

I didn't pretend to understand.  I just moved it outside, said "ok" (with a little bit of attitude), and came to bed.  I miss the good old days when we lived by ourselves.

Dear Joyce

Every once in a while I will invite Joyce to do something with me, or offer her something I made in the kitchen.  Has she ever said "yes"?  No.  But I still continue to offer.  Today I made chocolate pudding... a lot for one person.  I let her and Larry both know they were welcome to it.  What was the reply? "No."  That's it!  Not a "no thank you" or a "no that's ok but it was nice of you to offer". . . just "NO."  And that's how it always is.  Steven and I went to the movies a couple weeks ago and the next day Joyce asked how it was.  I said it was great and then she informed me she hasn't been to a movie in years.  Conversation . . . .

Me:  What?!  We should all go one day for a double-date!

Joyce:  No I don't think so.  It's not really Larry's thing.

Me:  Aw.  Well you and I should go for a girls' day.  *smiles politely while feeling sympathetic that this woman's husband won't take her to a movie*

Joyce:  No I don't think so.

Me:  *standing there with hurt feelings but trying not to show it* Oh ok.  Well . . . *not really sure of what to say so I prepare to walk away . . . .*

Joyce:  *. . . . she beat me to it*

End of conversation.

Here she is.  The little lady herself.

I try not to take it personally that she (true example) doesn't want to walk down to the mailbox with me, even though she will do it herself almost every day.  She's a nice person and it's not like she doesn't ever say or do nice things.  She does often.  In fact, she once told me I am the "envy of all women".  Oh yes.  She was my friend that day.  But then she just seems to not want to spend any time with me!  We live in the same house, lady.  You can't avoid me forever.  I've still got about 2 months to make you like me.  And you WILL like me.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm not mexican, nor do I speak spanish, so I'm not sure why I chose "hola" as my first salutation . . . . ?  Steven's 1/2 mexican though so that counts for something . . .  also, he doesn't speak spanish either.

We're pretty much the cutest couple, am I right?

My name is Cassie.  The "Steven" mentioned above is my husband of 2 years and I love him very much.  Here is just a place for me to share all the little things that happen that I want to remember.  I always think to myself, "Holy crap I can't believe that just happened!" or "Haha! That was hysterical!  I've gotta remember that!". . . . and I never do.  So now I can!  I can record all the funny things, interesting things, possibly sad things with a lesson attached, etc.

First thing . . . . We live with an old couple (Joyce and Larry).  Joyce is 82 years old and Larry is in his late 70's.  They're Democrats and we're Republicans but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends, right?  Well, yesterday the Democratic Convention began.  I like to watch it to hear from the "other side".  Larry and I were watching together as they were talking about Michelle Obama and the following conversation took place.

Larry: You know, she's done a lot of good!

(It's important you know that Larry LOVES to talk and often repeats things, says things that don't make sense, and/or says things that are just completely incorrect . . . not to say that these things apply in this instance, but for the future . . . )

Me:  Yeah I know!  She's a nice lady.

Larry:  You know she took obesity out of schools!

Me: (to myself) Really, Larry?  Is that why there aren't anymore fat kids walking around?

Larry:  Yeah, she made it so they serve good food in schools and . . . . (blah blah blah.  Sorry, but I don't remember the rest.  I mean, this was a whole day ago.)

In walks Joyce, who had apparently heard him talking.

Joyce:  Larry!  She's a Republican, we're Democrats.  You don't need to be talking to her about this stuff!

Larry: (who apparently didn't know we were Republicans) Oh really?!

Me: (after a moment of surprise and thinking "excuuuse me?")  Joyce I don't mind!  I know she's done good things and I'm not against talking about it.

Joyce:  Well I just want you to know that I did watch the Republican Convention.

Good for you, Joyce.  Good for you.

I have a feeling a lot of my posts will have to do with these people.  Nice and friendly though they may be, we have some disagreements and funny instances and there is no shortage of "WHAT THE HECK!" moments.