Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 Titles

I just have so much I could write about!  So I've settled on 3 short stories.  The first we'll call:


Larry keeps a jar of garbage under the kitchen sink.  He also keeps a big garden in the back so I understand the "need", I suppose.  Well, he came into the living room a couple days ago (I've been holding onto this story and have to get it out) and said

"Joyce!  Where's ma dang compost?"

"Well it oughta be under the sink."

"I know where it oughta be but it's not there!"

"Oh I wonder if Christie moved it."

(Christie is their daughter who comes and cleans for them every week.)

"She ain't got no business touching that jar!  Nobody's got no business touching it!"

You'd think it was made of gold.

This is really weird because usually there are food scraps, but instead there's a paper towel.   ???
Eventually he found it on the back stoop, so all was well again.

Fancy Shmancy

I was watching TV with Joyce, yesterday, and a commercial for a "special" kind of toothbrush came on.  Well I just tune out the things I don't care about, but I guess Joyce was paying attention cause I heard her say, somewhat to herself,

"What next?!"

I was awakened from my commercial coma and said "huh?"

"Just something to get more bacteria in!  No thank you."

I realize now that we're talking about the toothbrush.  It is just a toothbrush, isn't it?  It's not even electric.  Oh geez.  What would she say if she saw MY bacteria-catching wand of doom???

I know you're diggin that blue tile as much as I am.
Captain Kirk, You Beautiful Beast

Yes I said Captain Kirk.  This isn't a story so much as a confession.  The confession is:


And as soon as I finish this episode of The Voice, I will be diving back into that magnificent series.

Mmmm Hm.  Hey baby.
Have a wonderful day!

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