Friday, September 14, 2012


I didn't post yesterday.  Not because nothing of interest occurred, but because I was lazy and in pain.  My whole body ached.  It still does, but not to the same extent, which is weird cause I worked out hard last night, as well as Wednesday!  Black Ops is killer!!!  It sticks with you throughout the week and I'm already dreading Wednesday.  But I have pictures!  Courtesy of 24 Hour Fitness, Everett, Washington:

I'm the one in white.  You're supposed to wear black, but this was my first day and I hadn't planned to attend.  (Thank you, Brian.)

Team Red!  HOOAH!  We were the team to beat.  Blue beat us this week.  :(

This is from this week.  Steven and I are in the back, right in the middle.  He has the shirt with the red square and I am to the left.  Your left, not his.  I should've drawn an arrow.
Yesterday was my last day with Heather.  :(  Personal training has been awesome because it's nice to have someone following me around the gym telling me what I'm doing wrong but also giving me encouragement.   I hope to do it again at some point, but at $130 for 3 sessions, I think it would be wise for me to hold off.  Wanna see Heather?

Isn't she lovely?  And so nice! :)
This 24 Hour seriously has the best staff in the world.  I swear that every single employee knows my name and always asks me how I'm doing and gives me words of encouragement . . . except during Black Ops when they yell at me cause I'm slow and weak . . . but other than that!


  1. Hi Cassie; Just got your note about your new blog. That was a workout for sure! Walking is as stressful as I'm doing except i would love to do line dancing. They have it free in Archie every Wed. but right during church time.

    1. Oh man that would be such a fun activity! Probably quite a workout, too. Haha.