Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bus Stop

I have this habit of locking the car door whenever we're waiting at a red light.  I'm paranoid in that way.  There are some sketchy people around here and it puts me off!  Well, on the way home from the gym last night we drove about 15 minutes before I even thought about it.  We got into Marysville, arrived at my least favorite light, turned right, and slowly drove past the bus stop.  It is NOT an attractive corner.  It's always the scariest people standing/sitting/sleeping there!  Well of course I locked the door.  What if they all had a plan to storm our vehicle and steal our possessions???  You can't be too careful.  I locked the door and Steven said,

"Nothing reminds you to lock the doors like driving by the bus stop."

That is so true.

Hey wanna be my bus buddy?
Truthfully I've never seen anyone this bad . . . But it's close enough.

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