Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Joyce

Every once in a while I will invite Joyce to do something with me, or offer her something I made in the kitchen.  Has she ever said "yes"?  No.  But I still continue to offer.  Today I made chocolate pudding... a lot for one person.  I let her and Larry both know they were welcome to it.  What was the reply? "No."  That's it!  Not a "no thank you" or a "no that's ok but it was nice of you to offer". . . just "NO."  And that's how it always is.  Steven and I went to the movies a couple weeks ago and the next day Joyce asked how it was.  I said it was great and then she informed me she hasn't been to a movie in years.  Conversation . . . .

Me:  What?!  We should all go one day for a double-date!

Joyce:  No I don't think so.  It's not really Larry's thing.

Me:  Aw.  Well you and I should go for a girls' day.  *smiles politely while feeling sympathetic that this woman's husband won't take her to a movie*

Joyce:  No I don't think so.

Me:  *standing there with hurt feelings but trying not to show it* Oh ok.  Well . . . *not really sure of what to say so I prepare to walk away . . . .*

Joyce:  *. . . . she beat me to it*

End of conversation.

Here she is.  The little lady herself.

I try not to take it personally that she (true example) doesn't want to walk down to the mailbox with me, even though she will do it herself almost every day.  She's a nice person and it's not like she doesn't ever say or do nice things.  She does often.  In fact, she once told me I am the "envy of all women".  Oh yes.  She was my friend that day.  But then she just seems to not want to spend any time with me!  We live in the same house, lady.  You can't avoid me forever.  I've still got about 2 months to make you like me.  And you WILL like me.

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