Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Funny Lady, Stubborn Man

Joyce cracks me up sometimes.  She just says some really funny and unexpected things!  Last night I was making dinner and she looks at me and says:

Joyce:  How do you stay so skinny?!  Were you born like that?

Me:  Mostly.  *laughing*

Joyce:  I was always a little fatty.  I was like "little" Emilee (their great-granddaughter).  And short with big boobs.  I wasn't sad when I lost them, is that weird?

(Joyce had her breasts removed due to cancer.)

Oh my goodness I just laughed and laughed.

And then, once again, there's Larry.

Dangit, Cassie!  Close that door!
The refrigerator is broken and guess who isn't going to get it fixed?  Larry.  Steven, Joyce, and I all know it's real -- that the fridge isn't keeping things cold enough at a steady 59 degrees -- and he's in denial!!!

Me:  Larry, you've got a problem with the fridge.

I know now not to say "I THINK you may have a problem with . . ." because that leaves room for doubt.

Larry:  Oh yeah?

Always with the "oh yeah".

Me:  Yeah it's not keeping things cold enough.  That's why the sour cream got moldy 3 weeks before the expiration date and other things are going bad.

Joyce tried to tell him this before and he didn't listen, so I had to at least try.  He got up and walked to the fridge, muttering that the fridge is fine.  He got to the door, opened it and . . .

Larry:  Well the door gets opened so dang much of course it's gonna be warmer!  But this feels fine.

Me:  No Larry.  The refrigerator is made to be opened.  It's not going to heat up that much just because we're using it.  Feel this stuff; it's room temperature!

Larry:  Well when it gets opened 500 times a day . . . !

Me:  It doesn't get opened 500 times a day.

I then, as he stood there staring with the door open, went out to the garage and got something out of the outside refrigerator.  I came inside, took something out of the broken fridge, and said:

Me:  Here, Larry.  Take these and feel the difference.

Larry:  *holding the bottles*  Well this one's almost empty!  (The one from the broken fridge.)

He then traded, but no better.  He put it back without saying anything.

Me:  Larry things are going bad too early.

Larry:  Well just cause things are going bad that don't mean it's the refrigerator's fault!

Me:  That's exactly what it means.  Larry everyone knows it's broken.

He eventually closed the door and went to grab a thermometer.  He left it in there and went back every once in a while to check it.  He kept blaming everyone else cause "the door keeps getting opened" so I said:

Me:  Ok Larry we aren't going to open it for the rest of the night!  We'll see where it's at in the morning.

Oh man Joyce came in and let him have it.

Joyce:  You're a stubborn old man, Larry!  You've got a gap between your ears cause that thing is broken!  Broken! Broken! Broken! Broken!

Oh boy.  That kinda made me laugh.  But seriously!  He kept checking the thermometer and it was in the 50's.  HE BLAMED THE THERMOMETER!!!

Larry:  I'm not so sure this thing is working right.

Fine.  Don't pay for someone to come fix it.  But you're still costing yourself and US money because the food is going bad and we have to buy things very regularly.   I moved our dairy products outside.  Isn't that fun, to have to go outside to get milk every morning?  Not a bother at all.

The thermometer said 59 degrees when we got up this morning -- a good 20 degrees above what it ought to be.  My guess is that Larry won't care or that he'll say "Well you guys were opening it up this morning!"  LARRY!  Opening the fridge to make one meal isn't going to raise the temperature to an unsafe degree!  I realize he hasn't actually said anything yet, but I think he will so

**UPDATE**  He's gonna get it fixed!!!  Halleluja.  We've got to wait til Thursday, but no big.  :)

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