Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm not mexican, nor do I speak spanish, so I'm not sure why I chose "hola" as my first salutation . . . . ?  Steven's 1/2 mexican though so that counts for something . . .  also, he doesn't speak spanish either.

We're pretty much the cutest couple, am I right?

My name is Cassie.  The "Steven" mentioned above is my husband of 2 years and I love him very much.  Here is just a place for me to share all the little things that happen that I want to remember.  I always think to myself, "Holy crap I can't believe that just happened!" or "Haha! That was hysterical!  I've gotta remember that!". . . . and I never do.  So now I can!  I can record all the funny things, interesting things, possibly sad things with a lesson attached, etc.

First thing . . . . We live with an old couple (Joyce and Larry).  Joyce is 82 years old and Larry is in his late 70's.  They're Democrats and we're Republicans but that doesn't mean we can't still be friends, right?  Well, yesterday the Democratic Convention began.  I like to watch it to hear from the "other side".  Larry and I were watching together as they were talking about Michelle Obama and the following conversation took place.

Larry: You know, she's done a lot of good!

(It's important you know that Larry LOVES to talk and often repeats things, says things that don't make sense, and/or says things that are just completely incorrect . . . not to say that these things apply in this instance, but for the future . . . )

Me:  Yeah I know!  She's a nice lady.

Larry:  You know she took obesity out of schools!

Me: (to myself) Really, Larry?  Is that why there aren't anymore fat kids walking around?

Larry:  Yeah, she made it so they serve good food in schools and . . . . (blah blah blah.  Sorry, but I don't remember the rest.  I mean, this was a whole day ago.)

In walks Joyce, who had apparently heard him talking.

Joyce:  Larry!  She's a Republican, we're Democrats.  You don't need to be talking to her about this stuff!

Larry: (who apparently didn't know we were Republicans) Oh really?!

Me: (after a moment of surprise and thinking "excuuuse me?")  Joyce I don't mind!  I know she's done good things and I'm not against talking about it.

Joyce:  Well I just want you to know that I did watch the Republican Convention.

Good for you, Joyce.  Good for you.

I have a feeling a lot of my posts will have to do with these people.  Nice and friendly though they may be, we have some disagreements and funny instances and there is no shortage of "WHAT THE HECK!" moments.


  1. This is funny. I laughed out loud, literally lol. Oh and i've read all of your blog post so far, while I was in the car waiting for Logan to get out of school. You're funny :) I like your blog!!

    1. Laura thank you so much! Happy to make you happy. :)