Monday, September 17, 2012

Lazy Days . . . Every Day

I woke up at 9 this morning.  That's a record for me seeing as how I usually don't get out of bed til between 10/11.  Judge all you want.  But I had a long nap yesterday and went to bed fairly early so I felt refreshed and decided to get my internet-ing on for the day.

I walked through the living room at approximately 11:04AM (not the first time of the day) and Joyce was sitting there.  She asked if I was okay, as she always does when she doesn't see me until late in the morning/afternoon.  Basically, if I'm not up at the crack of dawn and fully dressed I must be sick or downtrodden.  I assured her I was fine and that I just came out to get an early lunch.  She says,

Joyce:  I couldn't believe it.  I slept until 8:30 today!

Me:  Oh yeah?

Joyce:  I got such a late start, I lost half my morning!

Well of course I'm now not going to share how proud of myself I was for waking up a half hour later than her, so I just nodded my head and waited for an opportune moment to leave.  I finally saw the opportunity and speed walked the heck out of there.

Wanna see where I spend my day?

Gotta love Paint!
You've been given a true glimpse, now, into the "Life of a Scalzi".  THIS Scalzi.  And I'll admit it isn't pretty.  But good news!  Exactly 2 months from today we will be leaving this place and I can have a life again!!!  HOORAAAAY!  That's all for today.  :)

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