Monday, September 10, 2012

My Name is Cassie...

. . . and I'm addicted to online shopping.  It's just so fulfilling!  Yeah that's right.  I can be fulfilled by material things coming into my possession when all I had to do was sit on the couch in my pajamas.  Life is good.

Oh hey I'm watching TV right now and superstar Julia Roberts is in a perfume commercial!  She's beautiful.

So I want to let you in on a little shopping treasure I just discovered, thanks to Pinterest.  OMGosh.  It's awesome!  The only thing that sucks is that shipping isn't exactly cheap, but the prices of the clothes more than make up for it!  Wanna see what I just bought?

Super cute cardigan in a stunning blue.  AH!

I got the cardi in 2 colors.  I couldn't help it!  I'm a big fan . . .  And I'll be getting more.

I love this dress!  I'm so excited to put it on for the first time.  It's got such a romantic feel and it's exactly the kind of thing I see myself in on a regular basis.
I spent a grand total (including shipping) of $42 . 35

WORTH IT!  And every once in a while they put out coupons for awesome deals.  So there you go.  :)

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