Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On This Day

On this day 11 years ago I was getting ready for school and Mom called us into the bedroom to see what was on the news. I never cared about the news before cause . . . I was 12. But then I knew this was important and immediately had a prayer in my heart for those in danger. I love this country and it's people. I'm grateful for my freedoms and those who fight and have fought to defend them.

I will always remember.

On a completely unrelated topic, I decided I wanted to eat Oreos.  I've eaten almost an entire package in this last week and the Tinsley's have taken notice.  I walked through the living room where they are sitting with the package and a glass of milk.  As I reach my bedroom door, I hear Larry say, "yeah and she's still skinny!"  Followed by Joyce's reply, "she won't be for long."  WTF?  That hurt.


  1. Omgosh, Cass I am sitting in the living room at 12:24 at night and laughing like a crazy women! I love you and your blog and I am TOTALLY checkin out Stevens next!

    1. Yay! I thought I would check the blog one more time before bed and this was a happy surprise. :) Steven's only has one post, but it's his testimony and a beautiful read. Love you!