Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's me:  Sicky.  Not too bad, but enough that I skipped Black Ops last night.  I'm looking forward to the crap I'm sure to receive from the 24 Hour staff.  :(  Other than that, being sick doesn't really seem to affect me much as far as routine goes.  As you know, I spend my days busier than a bee and I can't afford to slack.  Netflix isn't going to watch itself and if I lose this indent in my mattress, well . . . I'd have to start all over.

Also, today we finally got our Regal rewards card and I am SO excited!  Unfortunately I still haven't received those clothes I ordered.  :(  It's being shipped from China or Korea or something soooo . . .

HOORAAAAAY!  Sicky sicky.
Have a great day!

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