Monday, September 24, 2012

The Ice Glass and the Crappy Stylist . . . 2 Tales

Yesterday Steven asked if I'd shared the story of the ice glass on my blog.  I thought, "I must have!"  Well then I read back and discovered I have not.  I briefly mentioned it here, but gave no explanation.  I'm here to do that for you today.

The bane of my existence
This is a glass that dearest Larry keeps on the counter at all times.  You'll notice it has a wide mouth, which is the most attractive feature and the reason for his obsession.

Every time he sees me putting ice into my glass - either the way the machine intended or by actually going into the ice maker because it's decided not to work that day - he says some variation of:

"You know, I've got this special glass here.  It's got a wide mouth and makes it real easy to get ice outta that machine cause it won't let the ice fall."

I'm 23 (almost 24) years old.  I know it's not 70, but I've had a lot of experience with refrigerators and ice makers.  I've used them for a looooong time.  But that doesn't matter to Larry because - say it with me - I'm an idiot.

EVERY time.  Every time I go to the kitchen to get water, I have to check if he's around cause if he hears that ice maker, Heaven help me.

"You know, I got this glass here 'specially for ice.  It's got a wide mouth."

"I know, Larry.  But I don't have a problem getting the ice out."

"Well it's right here and it makes it easier."

"Thanks, Larry, but I don't need it to be any easier.  If I did, I'd have a real problem."

He always brings it up like he's never told me about it before.  Like he has to reeducate me every time because my dim brain just won't catch on!

I'm having a rough couple of days.  I'm getting sicker, and I got my hair done on Saturday and I paid $95 for a crooked haircut and a color that looked exactly the same as when I came in . . . which is NOT what I asked for.  I just tried to call and talk to a manager, but he's busy so I have to wait.  I want it fixed.  It was the worst service of my life.  The girl didn't smile even once or even seem interested in talking to me until after the color when I watched her face as she recognized a problem.  Then all of a sudden she got chatty, followed by a "just so you know . . .".  She didn't tell me her name until I asked for it, she did a SUPER crappy consultation in which I'm not even sure she was listening because when I said "I want to go blonde with some lowlights", she proceeded to do a little bit of foiling - on my WET hair! - around the top of my head.  Not even close.  I told her I was unhappy and she said I would have to pay an additional $150 to get what I wanted.  I know what I want isn't cheap, but on top of the previously paid $95 when she does shotty work?  She's out of her freaking mind.

Thanks for letting me rant . . . if you made it through this whole thing.  <3


  1. I hope you get your hair fixed at no cost to you! I'm glad we know how to do proper consultations:)

    1. Oh gosh me too. I feel very pleased about my schooling.