Monday, October 22, 2012

Funniest Guy EVER

It's a new week!  And I promise to write every day.  Today I want to write about my blessed discovery of this guy right here.  FUNNIEST. GUY. EVER.  I laughed for hours yesterday when I came across his blog, thanks to Pinterest.  (We love Pinterest!)  I just wanted to throw that link in there cause I can.  :)  So anyway, check out that blog.  He (Eli) basically trolls through life and takes every opportunity to mess with people and it's hysterical!  WARNING:  There's a LOT of reading involved.  But sooooo worth it.

I finally got candy corn and I'm loving my life.  I have the bag right next to my bed (because if I want to get fat I shouldn't have to walk to the kitchen to do it).  I love candy corn.  Not as much as I love egg nog, but I REALLY love candy corn.

Yes I AM the most beautiful creature you've ever seen.  Thank you for saying so.
I'm really getting excited for Halloween!  I'm not gonna tell you what we're dressing up as.  Steven isn't excited but it's happening and it's gonna be awesome.  And so CUTE!  Everything he does is cute.  I love that man.  Mm.  Ok bye!

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