Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funny Stuff

I can't believe I forgot to write yesterday!  Going away for a week was not good for my blogging habit.

Anyway, you may have read about this on Facebook, but I wanted to tell the story of my funny man's sense of humor.  I laugh at a LOT of things.  I'm easily entertained and I love childish things.  He's childish too, but not to the same extent.  "So I always show Steven funny things on Pinterest and he never laughs like I do. Until now. I've discovered that what gets him is funny pictures of animals with movie quotes attached." -- Quoted directly from Facebook.  Wanna see what made him crack up hysterically?

I know this is hilarious, but he laughed and laughed!  And whenever I would scroll by it again -- he laughed some more!  He's so funny.  At least now I know what kinds of things to show him on Pinterest.  That and food.

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