Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In Hiding

Larry LOVES to edit pictures and do "incredible" things with them . . . like crop his great-granddaughters out of one picture and put them into another picture.  Oh my gosh it looks so real!!!  Not really.  That's just what everybody tells him.  So for our costumes he wanted to take pictures.  Problem number one is that he couldn't -- or WOULDN'T -- grasp the whole frog prince story, that the princess kisses the frog and he turns into a prince.  Everybody knows that!  He insisted that I was a fairy of some kind and needed a wand with which to touch him on the head.  (Also, did I tell you that at first, when he saw my dress, he thought I was a witch?  Yeah.  His exact words were "Oh you'll really scare someone with that!")  So he took off part of the long-handled dust pan and gave it to me and said:

"Touch him on the head and I'll get a picture and I'll put it on the computer in there and make it look like he's changing!"

Ugh.  So we took the pictures.  Steven was NOT happy, neither was I.  Luckily the pictures don't show it so Larry's none the wiser.  Larry also happened to have a picture of Steven in his Sunday clothes because he took our picture when we first moved in (and did some really unnecessary and stupid editing), so he used the top half of Steven's body for the "transition" from frog to human.  It's stupid.  The whole thing looks stupid.  Stupid.  And now I'm holed up in my room because I keep hearing him tell Joyce that as soon as I come out with my laptop he'll have me put the pictures onto my computer cause he put them on a harddrive so I can easily transfer them!  Oh Larry, THANK YOU!  Oh man he's crazy when it comes to computers, among other things.  He has 4 external harddrives and saves EVERYTHING to all of them.

"That way, if one of them brakes down, I've still got everything on the other 3!"

I think 4 is a bit excessive, don't you?  Maybe have 2.  They won't both break at the same time!

Siiiiiiiiigh.  I'm gonna go get those pictures now.  Now that I've told you about it, it only seems fair that you get to see them, too.  Maybe you can tell me if I'm overreacting.  But you CAN'T tell me that!  The pictures themselves aren't that big of a deal.  It's his annoyingness about it all . . . especially the stupid "wand".  Ok here I go.

Original.  And stupid.  (Folks I'm using "stupid" a lot today so maybe don't let your kids read today's post.  It's pretty edgy.
The creepy edited version.  See his tiny little mouth?  The frog hat has taken over his face!

The not-as-creepy edited version, but still weird cause his body looks too big for his head.
So it's not that big of a deal, but once again it's the whole experience that gets me.  I can't wait to be gone from here!!  Also, last night Larry came into the kitchen to make sure I turned off the stove top.  Are you serious??  2 weeks and 4 1/2 days.

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