Thursday, October 18, 2012

It Irks Me . . . With a Happy Ending!

Annoying Thing #1:  I was talking to Joyce and she asked about our plans for kids and we got into details.  I explained how we've been having trouble and she asked:

Joyce:  What about him?

This was after I told her we don't know why my body isn't cooperating.

Me:  Oh he's a-ok!  He's good.

Joyce:  So it's you.

Oh.  Um . . . yes.  Thank you for spelling it out so clearly.

Annoying Thing #2:  TV time is sacred quiet time.  SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH!  When I'm watching something and there's no pause button, please don't strike up a conversation?  What is it about my sitting there, starting at the TV and listening intently to NOT YOU that makes you think I want to chat?  Let me know and I'll change it so there's no confusion.  Joyce carries on and on about things I don't really care about, and Larry goes on about things I might actually be interested in if I weren't interested in something else at the time.  So find an appropriate time!  Or get DVR.  Those are your choices.

NOT Annoying Thing #1:  We're going to have another niece!  Congratulations to Jared and Tina.

It's a girl!

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