Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Oh my gosh.  I'm so stinkin happy!  I woke up this morning and made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.  I woke up at 6:30AM!!!  So Steven and I had breakfast together.  :)  Now, I say I got up at 6:30, but don't worry -- I went back to sleep around 8:30 and slept until 12:19PM.

They didn't actually taste as good as I hoped.  Kind of bland, and a weird texture.  But Steven says he liked them (liar) so I guess you just have to try it for yourself.

Gettin my cook on.  Am I not beautiful in the morning?

Mmmmm.  -- And the pancakes were just ok.  ;)
But now I'm awake and I've started my candy eating.  I can't believe I'm getting such a late start!  But I'll more than make up for it so don't fret.

Guys seriously.  I just woke up.

Ok fine I took the time to do my hair before I took these pictures.  I'm only telling you because you can obviously tell because from my eyebrows up I look pretty darn glamorous.
I can't wait for trick-or-treaters!  Sometime I get too excited while I'm typing and I type weird things.  Like when I was typing "wait", I accidentally typed "wairt".  And while I was just typing "typed", I typed "typled".  Those mistakes don't even make sense because the keys are on the opposite side of the board!

Last night we read in last month's Ensign about how Christ is the one who we should try to be like and how he suffered for our sins.  It was a beautiful message and we talked about it afterward.  Then we lost the Spirit cause of Steven.

Steven:  (After a thought provoking question)  Was He like, 'This is the pain he felt when he broke his pinky toe and he had to hobble around for 3 days because his mom didn't believe him'?

Me:  (After an eye-roll)  'And this is the guilt she felt'. . .

Steven:  Not THAT woman.

Haha!  Ok he says such inappropriately mean things but he says it in a funny way (cause he doesn't really mean it) and it makes me laugh SO much!  What a dork.

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