Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Small Update

In exactly one month we'll be hittin the road!  The time has actually gone by very quickly here and I'm looking forward to finishing up . . . as you probably already know.

I heard from BYU-Idaho.  I'm pretty sure I got in, but I'm a little confused cause it took me to a link where I was supposed to be able to see the decision and it says "Dear Cassandra," and that's it.  But then there are some links under "Additional Information" that are in regards to their decision and they're all positive things . . . Now I just don't know what to do!!!  I'll have to ask Steven when he gets home.  If it turns out I didn't get in, then forgive my absence as I will probably have buried my head somewhere in shame.  However, for right now, I remain hopeful.  :)

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