Saturday, October 27, 2012


Steven did a bad thing today.  Lots of bad things, actually.  I playfully took his phone and hid it -- because I like to mess with him -- and he attacked me!!!  For a long, long time he came at me with tickles and raspberries and threats of more mean things.  And then -- just to be mean! -- he did THIS:

I didn't even get to enjoy it!
Finally I said we could play Hot or Cold and he could figure out where it was.  So we did.  Well, in the middle of the attacks I had gotten away, but then came back.  While I was away . . . he stole Dougy!!!!  It's a long story but I got him back (also, I stole his phone again but made a deal to give it back).  Then, long after these events, we were sitting on the bed while Steven was doing his homework and I was surfing the world wide web . . . and he grabbed Dougy!  All because I told him to stop being distracted and do his homework, then picked Dougy up and put him in front of my computer so he could see what I was doing.  He GRABBED him and did this:

I asked him just to hang in there while I got a picture.  He understood.
The lesson I've taken away from all of this is that Steven cannot be trusted with my llama.  He doesn't love and respect Douglas the way I do and that makes him not a good match.  They just can't be friends.

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