Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Carpool Lane

I'm sitting in the airport now.  :)  I love airports very much!  But on the way here, on a weekday morning in Seattle, there was more traffic than I cared for and people (including us) were in a hurry.  Well luckily we were 2, so we drove in the carpool lane, whereas most people on the road this morning were heading to work by themselves . . . so we should've been free to drive with few stops along the way.  Steven all of a sudden says:

Steven:  That better not be a onesie!

Me:  What?  What are you talking about?

All I could think of was this:

Go Spurs, Go!

But then he clarified that he was talking about cars with only one person in them.  Onesie.  HAHA!

So I asked why he was talking about this, and then he pointed out that those pesky onesies may be attempting to get into carpool lane.  Oh no they di'in't!

Oh yes they did.

And Steven was very upset.  OMGosh he got an attitude!  He checked every car that made any attempt to enter, daring them to go against his wishes.  (Also the law.)  So here is what I hope you take from this:  If you are in traffic all alone, don't try to use the carpool lane because people are watching . . . and they may try to run you off the road because not everyone is as patient as my sweet little hub.

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