Thursday, October 25, 2012


Well the Trunk-or-Treat was fun!  Although, as I was lying in bed last night I wondered if maybe it was weird that we were the only ones there without kids . . . ?  (Besides the missionaries.)

Ready to see our costumes?  I figure since we wore them out in public I can share now.

I'm a princess!!!!

And he's my frog prince!!!!
Are we not the cutest!?!  Ok maybe it's not the koolest costume ever, but I made everything but my jacket and his sweatshirt so I'm freakin awesome.  The sweatshirt was a last minute decision.  His full body onesie didn't work out so perfectly.

I kept focusing on the wrong things, dangit!  So he's not in focus but whatev.
He wouldn't smile for that picture and I said, "STEVEN!"  His reply was:

"Cassie, I'm a human who was turned into a frog.  I think I have a right to be sad."

Well at least he really got into his character.

It was a fun night.  :)  I'm excited for Halloween, as I've said! 6 more days!!!


  1. only ones there w/o kids=my concern about our ward halloween party on Friday. But I don't care. :) Love social events!

    1. Me too! Glad we're not the only ones in this situation. Haha