Monday, October 15, 2012

We Love Pinterest

Well, I love Pinterest.  Steven turns up his nose at it until he sees something he likes (food, usually) and then asks me to make it.  Yesterday, or maybe Saturday, I was scrolling through that wonderful page full of fantastic ideas and came across this:

If you're like Steven you're thinking "UGH!" but if you're like me you're thinking "What a kool idea!  That would be fun for a party."

Me:  Steven look!  Isn't that kool??

Steven:  NO!  That is the worst thing to happen to mankind!  You think it's kool but then you realize it's horribly disappointing.

Whatev, Scalzi.  It's awesome and when we have a Christmas party, I'm making it.

*Changing the subject*  I LOVE our new camera!!  I'm totally new to quality cameras, so clearly don't expect any masterpieces, but I've been going crazy with pictures of nature (cause I have nothing else to photograph).  Wanna see?  (Please say yes.)

Hooray for new cameras and getting to be excited!!!  Thanks for looking at my pictures.  I expect that the next time I'm in any of your homes I will see a framed copy of your favorite?  I thought so.


  1. Wow cassie! I heard you had a nice camera :) what kind is it?

    1. Nikon D5100. Loooooove iiiiit! I'm gonna take a photography class next semester so I can learn the ins and outs and so it's actually worth having a nice camera. Haha

  2. Cassie, Thank you for making my day every time you write on here! I love reading a new post. I miss you guys!!

    1. Thank you for reading! <3 It's just my ramblings. Lol