Monday, November 5, 2012

A Long Story About a Boy Named Dylan

Yesterday we had another practice for the Primary program.  Kids are a little rowdy, we all know that.  We can't expect them to sit completely still and not utter a sound for 3 hours.  However, one child did a lot more than just push the limits.

This boy's name is Dylan.  Dylan was sitting 2 rows behind me and his class didn't have a teacher.  Folks, when you're called to be a teacher to children, you can't just skip out and expect other people to take care of them.  But that happens every time with Primary programs!  The teachers think "okay kool.  I'll leave my 5 kids with all the other classes of (x amount) kids whose teachers have abandoned them as well, and the chorister and Primary president can handle it."  So when Dylan was being obnoxious I simply turned around, smiled, and said "Shh.  We're listening to our friends talk."  Well then it was time to sing.  During the song, he SHOUTED a word, just to be annoying.  I whipped around and said,  "NO."  Maybe it was a little too stern, but it worked and he sang normally.  However, shortly after the song ended, so did the cooperation.  He began being loud and disruptive so I turned around, this time making sure I was patient and smiling, and said again:

Me:  Shh...

Dylan:  Make me!

OH.  NO.

Me:  (Still maintaining my patience enough that I didn't get up and spank his little behind.)  Close your mouth and fold your arms.  It's time to be reverent.

So he shut up for a moment, but THEN . . . he took off his shoes and put his leg up on the back of the pue.  It's not like he was the only kid with his feet on the back of the bench, but this was different.  He was kicking back and chillin like a villain and not caring what was going on.  So I asked him to put his feet down.  What did he do?  He put up his other foot, crossed his ankles, folded his arms, sat back and made himself comfortable -- all the while glaring at me.  HECK to the no.  I got up, grabbed his legs, and put them down on the floor.  (Not in a mean way, but I let him know I wasn't screwing around.)  Well he didn't stop acting up, but THIS time I didn't have to deal with it!  FINALLY someone else stepped in.  Sister Heacock, the Primary president, went over to him, knelt down, and asked him to cool it.  Then he started whining and said, "I HATE how you adults are!"  That kind of made me smile cause it was kind of cute and funny, but at the same time I was just annoyed.

During songs he would jump up and down and do "karate" moves and lean REALLY far forward to try and get my attention.  I ignored it.  Sister Heacock kept asking him to be still.  Nope.  Eventually she threatened to go get his dad.  He was good for like a second.  So that's exactly what she did!  When I saw him leave the chapel with his dad I thought, Heh heh heh.  He's gonna get it.  But he came back with no tears sooo . . . was it really enough?  No.

It kept happening.  HE WOULDN'T STOP!!!  In the end, after one last attempt by Sister Heacock, he had to be taken out of Primary.  Not just asked to leave or escorted out.  He was literally DRAGGED out by 2 women while he kept fighting and saying "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!"  I don't even know what that means.  He was making fists and getting super tense so I backed up when they came by me because CRAZILY enough I had a dream the night before that we were practicing for the program and a boy kicked me really hard, and also that another boy was super disrespectful.  I thought, Crap it's coming true!  But I didn't get hit.  :)  And he didn't come back.

Luckily, that kid is in Senior Primary so I've never had to be around him until now.  I don't think I could handle it.  But his sister is in my class and she's a little angel!  What happened??

And the whole time this was going on, Steven was on the other side of the bench and didn't notice a thing.  Men!  Am I right?

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