Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Death and Vlogs

The other night Joyce was coughing in her bedroom.  She does that a lot and it's fine with me; not a bother at all.  However, Steven doesn't feel the same way.  She was hocking up a lung and he apparently was losing his mind.  He then said, not so she could hear:

Steven:  Joyce, stop coughing or die.  Those are your choices!

Oh gosh.  Basically, Steven wants all old people dead.  That's what I took away from this.  Anyone else have another view?  I don't think it's really debatable.  It's pretty obvious.

Ok I'm gonna take the rest of this blog time to endorse a YouTube channel.  Mr.ArturoTrejo.  (WATCH IT.) . . . (Nancy isn't always in such a bad mood.)  He's so FUNNY!!!!  Steven and I watch him a lot.  He's a Mormon dude who just video blogs (vlogs) his way through life.  Just to give you a bit of clarity, his name is NOT Arturo Trejo.  His name is Greg.  And his son's name is not Jose Louis.  It's . . . I don't actually know.  He's just a really funny guy that his poor wife has to put up with.  SO WATCH AND SUBSCRIBE!  Also, he sells t-shirts and Steven bought me one for my birthday.  :) :)  Best husband ever.

If you watched the video then you know why this is funny.  Otherwise, we're no longer friends.
Have a great day!


  1. Cassie, you should make Steven watch Star Trek Next Generation's episode called Half a Life. It's the 22nd episode of the 4th season.