Thursday, November 22, 2012


Over the last 30 days I have been doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge.  The idea (not mine) was to take a picture a day of the assigned subject so that you can reflect on your gratitude at least once a day.  I AM grateful.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  Doing this has been really therapeutic and uplifting.  Everyone should take the time to ponder on the things that make their lives happier, easier, worth living.  I believe that when we recognize the little blessings, we can handle the bigger challenges that may come our way.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Day 1:  Favorite Food
Cake batter!  Cake batter isn't necessarily my favorite food, but rather anything sweet.  I happened to be making cupcakes that day.  :)
Day 2:  Smile
Beautiful Abby.  I said "Smile as big as you can!"  This is what I got.  Lol!  It made me smile.
Day 3:  Happiness
What makes me happy?  Pretty nails.  :)
Day 4:  Leaves
We went to the temple this day.  SO beautiful.
Day 5:  Morning Sky
Washington sky.  We were actually running late for church that morning so I took a picture as soon as we got home.  Still beautiful and still caused me to ponder my gratitude.
Day 6:  Books
These play such a big part in my day.  I've gotta keep practicing!
Day 7:  Something Funny
Confession:  I didn't take this photo.  But I wanted Ellen as my "Something Funny" because she makes me laugh more than almost anyone in the world (aside from Steven).  She's so happy and kind and just a wonderful person.
Day 8:  Favorite Color
It's white.
Day 9:  Inspiring Person
"I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself"
-- Leslie Knope
Just kidding.  I just really wanted to use that quote.

Day 10:  Nature
The last bit of summer left in the yard.
Day 11:  Something Old
Was there any question that it might be something/someone else?  No.  And I do it with respect!  I didn't take a picture on the actual day 11.  I knew I wanted to use them as the subject but I didn't want to go through the pain of getting them to cooperate.  Anyway, I am grateful for them and their hospitality.
Day 12:  Hands
I took this picture and Steven was all "Why are you doing that?"  I didn't tell him and he kept tickling me like a jerk, so Steven:  This is why, you big bully!
Day 13:  Written Words
For Steven.  Even though you're a tyrannical bully.
Day 14:  Movement
Moving in the wrong direction.  I'm grateful for my country . . . but only the traditional one.
Day 15:  Technology
I couldn't do ANYTHING without my dear friend Milton.  Thank you, Milton.
Day 16:  Animals
I waited a really long time to get this picture.  I'm grateful for all of God's creatures.  Even if they make me wait.

Day 17:  Memories
Larry and Dougy, thank you for being my Washington besties!  Our time there is over, but we'll always have those times to look back on.

Day 18:  Something New
A new favorite ice cream shop, new experiences, and our newest (but not super new) friends.

Day 19:  Best Friend
Steven.  He's definitely my very best friend in the whole wide world.  We laugh and play together, I love all the same things he does (even if it's not the same the other way around), I trust him completely, he's my hero, a great listener, and my favorite person.
Day 20:  Seasonal

So happy we started planning early for the holidays this year.  :)  I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

Day 21: Where You Sleep

I was sleeping here on day 21, but not anymore!  Grateful to not have to sleep on that mattress anymore.  Hopefully that means fewer backaches.
Day 22:  Clothing
This is a jumbled mess, but I'm SO grateful for my clothes!!
Day 23:  In Your Closet
Goodbye closet!  All our clothes were packed away.
Day 24:  Gratitude
Grateful for the Kienzles.  Such good people, and I'm happy to call them my friends.  Thanks for taking us out on the town, guys!!!  (Picture not actually taken on day 24, but it was really close.)
Day 25:  Artwork
Heavenly Father is the greatest artist I know.
Day 26:  Transportation
Our little travel buddy, Lady.
Day 27:  Daily Routine

Brusha brusha brusha
Day 28:  Nighttime
Seattle!  Another one not taken on the right day, but give me a break.  We've been traveling.  And I'm still grateful for everything!!!
Day 29:  Light

Such a beautiful sun!
Day 30:  Self Portrait

Here I sit, blogging away.
I am so grateful for my few but wonderful followers.  Thank you for reading and making the time I spend on the computer every day not a complete waste.  ;)  Have a fabulous holiday!

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