Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Happy Post-Election Day.

Yesterday, early in the day, I was sitting in the living room with Joyce and Larry.  We were watching the news and waiting for more information about how the election was going and Larry says:

Larry:  If that guy gets in the White House we're gonna be in a war in 6 months!

I almost let it go, but I got so tense and irritated that I couldn't.

Me:  WHY?

Larry:  (After a pause)  We just will!

Me:  Why, Larry?

He was quiet for a moment.  Joyce was looking at him for an answer because she knows he's just saying things.  I was very thankful that she didn't defend him.  Because he's an idiot.  That's right.  HE'S the idiot, not me.

Larry:  We're gonna go to war!

Me:  WHY, Larry!  You cannot say that someone will take us to war and then not give a reason for your accusation.

Joyce:  (Nodding)  "That's right."

So he shut up.  He's so unreasonable and stupid.  He believes everything he hears in every political ad.  I would walk by him and he'd say,

"Did you know so-and-so stole money from tax-payers and used it for                 ?!"

"Where did you hear that?"

"They had it on the tv there."

Good grief, Larry, get your information somewhere else, would you please?

Anyway.  I'm in a pretty bad mood because I did not vote for the victor.  Maybe that's a little petty, but the country has just been shot to Hell so I think I'm entitled.  I asked Steven if we could move to Europe.  He said if he had a job, maybe.  So that's what I'm gonna do now:  Job Search.  Have a nice day.