Friday, November 16, 2012

Steven and the French

For when you have some time to kill.  Thank you to ItJustGetsStranger for sharing this link.

Well we're down to our last day here in Washington.  We leave in the morning and I'm really excited, but also . . . I'm gonna miss it.  AH!  I can't believe I'm gonna miss it!

I don't want to get sentimental again, so let me share a story about Steven.  A few weeks ago I was doing a little Facebook stalking and came across this picture:

It's a picture of Steven's aunt, cousin, and uncle, all of which have sadly passed away in recent history.  That's not part of the story so don't think I'm making light of the situation. <3

It was the flag that caught my attention.  As you may or may not know, Steven's dad's side of the family is Italian, but does that flag not look French?

Me:  Wait . . . Is somebody in your family French?

Steven:  That's an Italian flag!!! (Apparently the coloring in the photo just got weird from the effects)  How DARE you try to make my family French!!  Of ALL things!!!  I'd rather you call them racist.

Wow.  Sensitive?  Now you know how Steven feels about the French.  I don't even know why!  I've met 2 people from France and I must say they were quite pleasant, good people.

I'm gonna go finish last minute packing things now.  Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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