Friday, November 2, 2012

This started off a lot shorter.

Just a quick and late one today.  I just wanna say that I had the most amazing birthday yesterday.  Steven is such a wonderful man and he always makes special events memorable.  We went to the Space Needle for dinner and it was awesome.  Dinner was fantastic, the sky was clear so the view was spectacular, and I had my best friend and love of my life with me aaaaall night.

He tried really hard to look normal.
Ok one more thing:

Larry got a jury summons today.  I heard him in the kitchen yell "OH NO!"

Me:  What is it?!

Larry:  I got a jury summons!

Me:  Oh that's kool!

Larry:  Well I can't make it?

Me:  (???)  How come?

Larry:  Well I don't know.  Health reasons, I guess.

So basically he's not going to show up.  Then he went off about how getting a jury summons is a scam.  NOBODY GETS SCAMMED MORE THAN LARRY TINSLEY.  Everything is a scam, to him.  He just stared at that letter, chuckled, shook his head, and said, "Dirty rotten crooks."  He always calls people crooks.  He gets a crap ton of catalogs in the mail and if there isn't something he likes inside then it's clearly a scam.  He also compulsively keeps track of expenses.  "But Cassie, keeping track of expenses isn't a bad thing." You're right.  But he is SO obsessed.  Joyce says she would rather they lose track of a few dollars because this consumes him.  It's pretty weird.  I think every other day he's on the phone with some company saying, "Why'd I get charged $x???"  There's pretty much always a good reason (like he bought something!) but he always hangs up with that same chuckle, head shake, and mumble.  He's weird.


  1. Not to mention you recieved the best bday card ever!! But I see how it is.. your bestie goes unnoticed. Lol ha ha. Glad your day was perfect :) and that you live with a senile old man :)

    1. **** UPDATE **** Hayleigh Creek made my birthday EXTRA special by sending me a super awesome card!!!!! I got it a day late, but that made it even better cause it was so unexpected!!!