Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Travels Almost Over

We're done driving for a while!  Finally.  We were in 5 different states yesterday, 2 of which are in the list of top 3 worst states on the planet.  What are the top 3?

1.  Wyoming
2.  Nebraska
3.  Kansas

Ugliest, boringest, stupidest places ever.  Full of nothingness.  But it was all worth it!!!  We're here in Missouri and one step closer to Indiana.

For Thanksgiving my mom is baking a turkey and Steven will be frying one.  Guess which one will be eaten first . . . sorry Mom, as if she read my blog.  (She doesn't.)  They both have to be thawed and there is not much sink space so we had to improvise.

We're bathing them!!!  I'm so excited for tomorrow.  I'm gonna make egg nog and there will be food, food, and more food.  And now I have to go pick up my sister soooo . . . BYYYYE!

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