Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bread and Stuff

I know I'm not very good at keeping up with my blog nowadays.  I'm in school fulltime and have a shload of homework sooooo . . . get off my back.

School is still awesome and I lu-lu-lu-luv it!  Our apartment - not so much.  It's just a place we live for a few months.  Wanna see our "dining area"?

As you can see, not much room for dining.
So we eat on tv trays!  Cause we're classy like that.  I mean really.  4 stars.

Last night I decided to get a jump start on Sunday dinner.  I prepped the veggies and roast for the Crock Pot:  Check.  Then I decided I wanted to have rolls with it, so I made the dough, let it rise, separated it into roll-sized pieces, and let it rise again . . . overnight.  I don't know where it went wrong!  But when I woke up this morning and came to check on them they had completely deflated.

But why not bake 'em anyway, right?!  So I did.  There really wasn't any point.

That's a 2-in-1 combo!
It turned out to be the fancy unleavened stuff.  Not delicious, but not terrible, either.  It's actually pretty good with honey and butter on it (aaaaand my step-brother Mario informs me that it's delicious with ketchup?  He's not even white!), however . . . I would have preferred that they just turn out the way I plan.  It was a recipe I'd never used before.  I'm normally a very good bread maker!  So that's what I blame it on.  It was from one of my many church cookbooks.  (This one was from the Kansas City Stake.)  Jamie Shelley I won't name names, Easy Rolls or the exact recipe, but beware.

Again, not my fault.