Monday, January 7, 2013

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! And moving. (A long post.)

Ok so today was awesome.  I started college!!!  Like, legit college.  Hair school is legit and in no way the "easy way out" for traditional secondary education, but this is for REAL.  I'm majoring in Marriage and Family Studies, with an emphasis in Professional Clinical.  I'm stoked.  I actually got really excited when I saw all my homework.  Crazy.

Wearing my big ol' coat.  I'm gonna get a loooot of use outta that baby.
My first 3 (of 6) classes were today.  Parenting, Psychology, and Marriage and Family.  My teachers are great, the classes seem interesting, and I'm quickly adjusting to walking all over campus -- ALL.  OVER.  I have to speed walk from one end of the campus to the other 3-4 times every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are easy-peasy cause my classes are at completely different times of the day so I can just do homework on campus and then take my time getting to where I need to go.

So today I was on my way to my last class.  This is Rexburg, people.  There is snow and ice everywhere.  Every winter that I have been here I have taken an embarrassing tumble on the ice, and today was the day I continued the tradition.  I'm racing to class as quickly as I dare, knowing that danger is lurking, ready to strike an any opportune moment . . . and then it found it's moment.  By the way, I was wearing tennis shoes cause I knew I should be sensible, so don't tell me I shouldn't have been so worried about looking good!  I felt a little slip under my right foot.  *GASP*  No worries.  Under control.  But wait!  As I breath a sigh of relief and chuckle to myself, Jack Frost (the jerk face of all jerk faces) grins widely and makes his move.  BAM!  I hit another bit of ice and went down.  I fell hard on my butt and my bare hand went into a pile of snow -- a 2-in-1 strike for that *******.  I can't say I wasn't humiliated.  I was.  However, I have gotten very good at laughing at myself, so my shame was only internal.  The girl behind me made sure I was okay, so that was nice.  Anyway, the really interesting thing to me is:  A few years ago, the EXACT same thing happened to me, but while I was driving!  So the car version.

We saw our new apartment today.  Sweeeeet.  No washer and dryer, no microwave, no internet, tiny closet . . . but still nice.  I know I was super complaining right there, but I think I'll actually like living there.  :)  Livin' the college dream!

*I'd take more pictures, but I'm at the school right now (I'm just using campus for it's internet).


  1. I loved the parenting and marriage/family classes! Good luck!

  2. Enjoy the review of your first day! Sorry about the fall though. Makes good reading though! Ha Ha.