Thursday, February 7, 2013


This is important.  As some of you may know, going to space is my biggest non-spiritual dream.  (Although, I want it so bad you might consider it a little spiritual.)  Axe has a competition going on right now where they will send 10 people to space camp in Florida (2 with the highest number of votes, and 8 selected by other means at a later date), then one person will be randomly selected out of those 10 to go to actual space.  SPACE.  SPACE!  Pleeeease oh please will you help me win this?  I need votes.  So go here and click vote.  That's it.  You're wonderful people.  Thank you!

Now on to the normal stuff.

Steven and I are eating healthy!!!  No really.  We're doing pretty dang well, except today I realized I'm actually going through a bit of a withdrawal.  Don't tell Steven - oh hey honey - but this is killing me.  I just wanna eat what I wanna eat and have no consequences!  It's not that I don't enjoy the healthy food -- cause I do.  It's the not eating junk food that I have a problem with.  Steven, on the other hand, has a problem with it all.  Poor guy.  He just doesn't like anything really healthy.  He doesn't even like cantaloupe!  The other night we had cantaloupe with a little greek yogurt drizzled over it as a side dish. To me it was almost like dessert!  But not to him.  That big baby treated it like I was shoving broccoli and carrots down his throat!  He said it was disgusting, and that's weird.

It was delicious!

His name is Inigo Montoya.

 He was happy when I told him he didn't have to act happy for the picture.

And then there was today.  We're off the subject of food, now.  I don't remember what I did - probably nothing - but Steven felt the desire to "punish" me.  I ran and locked myself in the bathroom.  Then I came out cause I felt safe.  Well, he grabbed me, opened the freezer, and pulled out a freaking SNOWBALL!!  Are you kidding me?!  A snowball.  And he rubbed it on my face and made a mess on my kitchen floor!  It was pure madness.

It was a lot worse than it looks.  Most of it must have melted on my hot-hot face.

Where he kept it.  Sneaky devil.
Other than that this has been a good day.  :)  Steven went to the doctor to get checked out, today.  My classes are awesome.  I met with my science group this morning (minus one) . . . I have a kool group.  Fancy Jan (I think of it like "yawn") - he's from Germany - and funny, awesome Ricardo who kind of reminds me of Steven.  (I know his name is Ricardo, but he seems about as Mexican as my adorable, fake Mexican hub.  But I don't know.  I haven't asked if he speaks español.)  And then I went to my Book of Mormon class where I learned the difference between the merits, mercy, and grace of God.  Aaaand, what else . . . Oh yeah.  I signed up to win a trip to space!  VOTE FOR ME!

Also, it turns out I used the term "deep-seeded" incorrectly, being that "deep-seeded" is actually not a term at all.  It is "deep-SEATED".  But it's a common mistake so get off my back.

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