Friday, September 27, 2013

Just Eat It!

Last night I slaved away over a delicious dinner and worked hard to make sure it was ready when Steven got home from work. (It wasn't.) But wouldn't you know it, that guy just didn't appreciate my efforts.

Steven: "Peas, carrots, AND fish?! How have I wronged you?"

Um excuse me but this is the kind of thing death row convicts request as their last meal. Have I not mentioned my turn as the royal chef of sdfjksdkjsf? Well now you know -- I'm THAT good. I made delicious steamed veggies, non-fishy fish, and rice! Sadly we somehow misplaced our soy sauce in the move. His reaction to that was, "Literally my favorite part of the entire meal is PLAIN rice," followed by, "It's a perfect storm of my least favorite foods."

I know that peas and carrots are his least favorite vegetables of all the vegetables he hates, but I didn't have a choice. They were the only steamable veggies in my kitchen! And yes, I'm aware he's "not a fish person". But it was Alaskan flounder and didn't even taste like fish! So I have to wonder what's wrong with his tastebuds. It was a grand meal and he ought to have said thank you with a smile.

Luckily, his wife is pretty awesome and just laughs it off when he talks crap about her cooking. ;-)

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