Thursday, January 29, 2015


For a class assignment in my New Testament class, I'm studying parables. Why did Jesus use parables, which ones apply to me, how did people view them as he taught... ? Here are some questions I answered, and I invite you to think on these things on your own. Study the Bible Dictionary, especially, and see what it has to say about parables. I learned a lot and my testimony of Christ's teachings grew. The following may feel like homework, but at least skim and get the gist of it and study for yourself.

Matthew 13:24–48. The Lord Often Taught with Parables

  1. In the Bible Dictionary, read the first three paragraphs under the entry “Parables” (pp. 740–41).
  2. Read the following parables: parable of the tares (Matthew 13:24–30); parables of the mustard seed and the leaven (Matthew 13:31–33); parables of the treasure and the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:44–46); parable of the gospel net (Matthew 13:47–50). Next to each of the following questions match the name of the parable that best answers that question.
    • What describes the future growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Gospel Net
    • Why does the Church send out so many missionaries? The Mustard Seed and the Leaven
    • How do you explain the remarkable growth of the Church, considering that it is fairly new compared to most world religions and started small in the American frontier? Gospel Net
    • Why are some members of the Church willing to sacrifice so much worldly wealth and recognition in order to maintain membership in the Church? Pearl of Great Price
    • Why do some Church members choose to leave the Church? Tares
  3. Address the following questions:
    • Considering the parables of the treasure and the pearl of great price (see Mattthew 13:44–46), what sacrifices would you be willing to make to obtain the treasure of the gospel? What sacrifices have you or those you know already made for the gospel? I’ve thought about this and I immediately thought: I’d give up everything. But then I thought of more specific things in my life that would be hard to give up and I considered each one. Would I give up (this seems sad, but it really is something I love) TV/movies? Or social media? Would I sacrifice all my spare time? Yes. The worldly part of myself would think, “Noooo!” But I still think the decision would be easy.
    • What does the net represent in the parable of the net cast into the sea? (See Matthew 13:47). What does it mean to be gathered into the net? What is represented by the action of gathering the good into vessels and casting the bad away? (See Matthew 13:48–50). The net being cast into the sea represents the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s missionary work! The gospel will be spread throughout the world and to be “gathered into the net” is to accept the gospel and be part of God’s Kingdom. The action of gathering the good into vessels and casting the bad away is like the judgment of God.
I encourage you all to study the scriptures and other resources that the church has put forth. Really knowing the gospel is a blessing and we should all strive to be closer to the Lord in this way.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


In case you didn't know, fundraising is really awkward. But when it's a cause your passionate about, it starts to not matter all that much. AND SO! We will be fundraising for the next little while. #ThosePeople

Now, we don't like asking for money. But thanks to the magical world of Pinterest (you da best), I have discovered some great fundraising ideas that can be a lot of fun! First thing you need to know: All donation information can be found on the righthand side of the blog. It's the link that reads "FUNDRAISING". Here's what we've got going on:
  • Donate for the chance to win a stay at any Intercontinental Hotels Group in the US: Holiday Inn, Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, etc. This is an awesome deal! For every $10 you donate, your name will be entered into a drawing. This will end February 5th. This is a great opportunity for romantic Valentine's plans!

That's it, so far. I'll keep you updated, and please let me know if you have a creative fundraising idea (or something simple that I probably haven't thought of).

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The New "Life of a Scalzi"!!!!

Welcome to the newish blog! I didn't want to start another blog, because that would mean I had FOUR blogs, three of which would never get touched. So instead we're revamping Life of a Scalzi for a whole new purpose: Adoption. It's an adoption blog!!! #GoodTimes. We have recently begun the process of becoming parents in the great state of Utah. We met with our case worker on Tuesday and have started our home study. "What is a home study?" I'm so glad you asked. It's a monthish-long process where someone comes and scrutinizes everything about where you live, your family, your marriage.... everything. And that's pretty much only the first step. We also have to get background checks with the state and the FBI. We also have to pay lots of money. All so we can be considered suitable parents. Everybody should have to take this test. It'll be worth it! (You can also look here if you're really interested in learning more.)

There is so much paperwork involved in adopting. I had to type up answers to a questionnaire about myself and my family. Do you know how many pages it took? SIX. Technically I printed out seven pages, but that seventh page has three-and-a-half lines. So I typed up six pages. At least that means I'm not the only one with homework caaaaaauuuuse... someone has to read that stuff.

Anyway! Here it is. If you're interested in keeping up with our happenings, this is the place. Thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far and taken such an interest in this part of our lives. This private adoption thing is stressful and a big fat waiting game, but I'm sure we can all work together and make it work. Now..... let's get out there and find us a baby!

The Happy Couple