Saturday, February 7, 2015

And the winner is...

Jeff Dokos!!

Congratulations, Jeff! You are the winner of the free one-night stay at any IHG hotel in the US. We'll contact you soon with the details.

As for the shirts, we didn't reach our goal. Nobody who pledged to buy shirts will be charged because they won't be sent out. We tried! I think I'll try again with this one another time and come up with something better, anyway. ;)

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise some money for this long, challenging process. We are so grateful for your help, your thoughts and prayers, your well-wishes... We love you.

Well the home study is nearly done. We have one or two things more to do, but we're getting there, and then we'll be 100% ready to adopt when the opportunity presents itself. We'll keep you updated, and you keep us updated if you know anyone looking to place a child, or even considering it. Thanks, everyone!

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