Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tyranny in the Home

In my whole adult life, I've never felt more controlled than I have today. Today, Liam was the boss....... and rightfully so. He is so over this "school" thing. Every time I tried to do homework, he complained. When I'd open my computer, he'd shout, "NO!" And if I tried to sit on the couch, he'd pull me away. I also tried doing the dishes. He tried to help, at first, which led to one of my mixing bowls getting broken, but that's fine.... 😶 . And then he pushed me away from the sink. I tried to explain to him that Mommy gets embarrassed when people come over and the house is a disaster, but that didn't seem to have any effect. He'd made his decision. So now we're downstairs watching cartoons while I attempt to blog. He's sitting on my lap, though, and keeps pulling my hands away from the keyboard, so I'm typing this via my voice.

And now that's over. He's giving me a break, I guess.

Even though I'm not gonna get my homework done, and therefore fail all my classes, today was totally worth it. Liam got some good playtime and I got to spend time with my baby. He is becoming such a...... person! He's a person, you guys! He tries all the time to talk to me and tell me things and tell me what he wants. He's got such a personality.

Ok, he's dragging me away from the couch now.

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