Dear Birth Parents

Dear Birth Parents,

We can't even begin to imagine the struggle you face, but we honor you for your brave choice to place your child with another family. It's a choice that comes from love, and the fact that you are making this kind of plan for your baby's future says something great about you. Whether or not we are the family you choose, please know that you have our respect. We pray for all those in your situation and hope that God will give you comfort and strength.

We have always dreamed of being parents. The choice to adopt has been one we made from the beginning of our marriage, although it was pushed to the forefront by infertility. We have felt the Lord's hand through every trying step. We were so blessed to adopt our sweet son, and we look forward to the time that we will be able to take other children into our home and give them the love, support, and nurturing they need.

God bless you on the road you take. We hope you will continue reading our story and feel comfortable with us.

Thank you,
Steven and Cassie

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